About KDE

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Founded in 1993 at Dartmouth College, Kappa Delta Epsilon is a powerful female collective that is uniquely positioned to make a positive impact.

As a local sorority, we take ownership over our unique social space and set the terms for how we socialize. As a unified sisterhood, we promote individual and collective growth across all endeavors and the six principles of Greek Life. As a network of campus leaders, we are a driving force for social change, bridging tradition with modernity. And as women, we seek to advance gender issues, including women’s wellness and leadership.

Our motto, “freedom lies in being bold,” is the common thread that empowers us to act with courage, passion and responsibility, within our sorority and beyond. By working together actively and respectfully, we strive to elevate Dartmouth College and Kappa Delta Epsilon, and to ensure their joint success for years to come.

Freedom lies in being BOLD!

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